Guide to Improved Data Collection in Health & Health Care Surveys (2012)

Completely Updated 2012 Edition

This guide, completely updated from the classic 1982 edition, is intended for students in health care research who are interested in learning about survey research methods and anyone who is considering the use of survey research methods to answer a question. 

The guide provides an overview of the major methodological issues involved in collecting data for survey research and provides an introduction to the literature available for survey research. The text begins with a discussion on the selection and training of interviewers is outlined along with a review of some issues related to data collection by interviewers. Sources of bias and error by both respondents and interviewers are discussed and strategies for reducing respondent bias are discussed. Strategies for increasing response rate are presented along with an overview of ethics related to survey research and a bibliography on methodological issues in health care surveys.

Canadian Public Health Association, 2012

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